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ScanSource KBZ Can Help

With Ep/Ic (Empowering People/Inspiring Collaboration) by ZCare Services from ScanSource KBZ, Cisco resellers gain access to valuable usage and adoption services that help increase product success for their customers. These exclusive professional services include Cisco support to accelerate end user adoption. With support from Ep/Ic, implementing Cisco solutions becomes easier and more efficient.

The Challenge

We provide Cisco collaboration solutions not to push product, but to build experiences. But what if those experiences are not actualized, and the product is looked at the same way technology was a decade ago? The consequences not only result in lackluster business outcomes by the customers’ workforce, but would likely contribute to future purchase decisions and conclusions about the sale not living up to expectations.

Ep/Ic is your tool to overcome this business challenge and foster usage and adoption by your customers. The ScanSource KBZ team is ready to work on your behalf to empower your customers’ workforce and inspire collaboration — intuitively.

The Process

Our teams will do the assessment under your company’s name and it all starts with four building blocks:

[Iconic Representation of 4 pillars: Education, Process, People, Technology]

From usage discovery and review of intended business outcomes, to consultative adoption programs and training plans, to transformation of collaborative experiences and traction review — our team will paint the picture of the elevated experience and route to unlock the true value in your customers’ collaboration investments.

The Advantage

YOU: You’re our partner. We’re only successful when you’re successful. What is your business outcome of leveraging usage and adoption in your business model?
  • Increase in value of sale = opportunity for future investments vs. abandonment
  • Opportunity to re-engage customer line-of-business (LOB)
  • Stickiness with customer loyalty. A trusted advisor, not product pusher
  • Profitability with rebates! Cisco Collaboration Adoption Incentive
CUSTOMER: IT moves fast. You are the key to navigating the pace of change for your customers — and realizing the business outcomes that were intended.
  • Dissolve the gap in expected results vs. actual results in product/software ROI
  • Leverage your team for training vs. taking alternative LOB out of existing productivity workflow
  • More usage and understanding value in their resources will increase productivity, efficiency, overall satisfaction
  • Create an intuitive workforce and decrease time spent on troubleshooting or longer routes to business communication

Make Your Cisco Business Ep/Ic

As a ScanSource KBZ partner, we care about your success and your ability to help your clients grow their revenue through thriving adoption of Cisco solutions. Ep/Ic provides the framework for effective usage and adoption management for your customers, so they can obtain their business goals with Cisco and improve productivity and satisfaction for their employees. We help make business transformation using Cisco products one that is more productive for your clients. Contact us today to learn more about how Ep/Ic can benefit your Cisco business.