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Navigating the broad range of Cisco technical certifications and specializations can leave you feeling like a captain lost at sea. With EVOLVE and our hands-on guidance, you’ll have a compass to set your organization on the right course. Get the certifications and specializations your business needs to jump-start sales and increase profitability.


Acquire the certifications and specializations your business needs to realize increased profitability and success through selling Cisco.
Partner with Global Knowledge for a dedicated resource for Cisco certification road-mapping.
Share what you’d like to accomplish, and we’ll tell you how to get there, based on your specific technology, role, and specialization requirements.


Reflect the depth of your knowledge and skills surrounding specific technologies and expanding capabilities
across sales, technical, and lifecycle services. As an added bonus, your specializations can be applied toward Cisco Premier Certification!
Learn the foundation
Meet needs across a broad range of customers
Support complex projects

Broad versatility

Certify your Cisco skills and be rewarded!
  • Select
  • Premier
  • Gold
  • Be visible to those who are looking on Cisco’s Partner Locator:
  • Become eligible to win rewards and deals through Cisco incentives.
  • Use your select logo on Cisco collateral and earn access to specialized Cisco marketing tools.
The premier certification level shows you’ve earned expanded experience in Cisco technologies and have the resources to transform business outcomes. You’ve earned:
  • Express Foundation
  • Express Collaboration
  • Any Advanced Architecture or Advanced Technology
New benefits include:
  • Updated as Premier Certified Partner in the Cisco Partner Locator
  • Eligibility to become a Global Partner Network agent
  • Increased level of support from Cisco teams and opportunities to maximize incentives
  • Must obtain specific advanced architecture specializations
  • Portfolio of hybrid IT offers
  • Specific staff requirements
  • Services attach rate excellence and support

Become a Cisco Gold Certified Partner to earn the highest level of trust and partnership from Cisco field teams, and unlock access to exclusive tools and resources.