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Ian Thompson


Unless you’ve had your head under a rock the term ‘Digital Transformation’ should be familiar. Within the tech community the topic is everywhere, taking over our news feeds and giving marketers endless fuel for list articles (like this one) and carefully crafted Twitter posts. There is good reason for the chatter. Digital Transformation is the most important movement in business today and presents both opportunities and challenges for every organization.

Keep reading for 5 reasons why the conversation surrounding Digital Transformation will continue.

Digital Darwinism is a real threat. 
Digital Darwinism is the lesser-known brother of Digital Transformation and is a fate that threatens organizations in every industry. Digital Darwinism occurs when technology and society evolve at a rate faster than businesses can keep up. Organizations slow to react or invest in new technologies face extinction while those who are quick to evolve will thrive and rise to the top. Which side of the fence do you want your business to be on?

The opportunities for businesses that embrace Digital Transformation are huge.
By 2019 digital technologies will have unlocked a nearly $2.1 trillion market opportunity, creating massive potential for positive outcomes in every industry. As growing numbers of businesses find success through their digital journey the discussion will continue to grow. That said the opportunities are available only to organizations that are well prepared to take advantage of this sweeping transformation.

Digital Transformation has become a key priority for leading organizations.
Becoming a digital leader is about more than just being technologically savvy. Organizations now more than ever realize they must maintain an agile stance to detect and respond quickly with competitive solutions to market changes. Leading organizations are realigning their business strategies to make the journey to Digital Transformation a top priority.


Digital Transformation isn’t a fad or trendy catchphrase.
Through investment in new technologies and organizational models, Digital Transformation represents the future of business. Organizations now have the ability to digitally engage consumers at every point along the customer journey giving businesses the capacity to evolve while addressing the needs and expectations of connected digital users.

Organizations will either disrupt or face disruption.
As technology becomes an enduring component of everyday life, organizations are being forced to update outdated equipment and network architectures to remain relevant. We are just beginning to hear the stories of success AND failures for businesses that have either seized the digital opportunity or have been too slow evolve. In the race toward digital mastery organizations will either disrupt or face disruption.

ScanSource KBZ and Cisco have your business covered. 
The path to Digital Transformation isn’t easy and requires a network that can grow beyond simple connectivity. Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is an open, extensible, software-driven architecture to enable business innovation and greatly reduce cost and complexity while lowering risks for your organization. ScanSource KBZ and Cisco can help you to come out on top in the race toward digitization.

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- Ian Thompson